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Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–Hyouka

This week, Jared and I talk about Hyouka, an anime series from 2012 that recently got a North American release/dub. This is a wonderful (and beautiful!) series that focuses on solving mysteries with a group of friends in the Classic Lit Club. We discuss our thoughts on the dub, the story, and we eventually dive into spoilers of the novels that haven’t been adapted yet. Worth mentioning–Hotaro may be one of the most amazing anime characters I’ve ever seen.

Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

I’ve already mentioned my thoughts a little bit through my review last week, but this is our podcast about Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. We give general opinions and thoughts that are spoiler-free to begin with, then at ~32:56, we really dive into the story of the game. This was one of my most highly anticipated games of the year, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this disappointed in a game’s ending in my life. I can’t recommend this game to anybody, and we tell you why.
On a happy note, we’re in year two of the podcast! Yay!

Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth~

Jared asked me this week to talk again about my favorite otome game, and who am I to say no to that!? Since there is an upcoming Code: Realize anime in October, Jared wanted a crash course in this insanely bonkers story. Given that this is a game set in steampunk London with datable historic and literary guys, I was already sold from the get-go. I tell you who is best boy, give you hot takes on the special sexy CGs, and Jared is amazed at the life of a wealthy landowner.

Give it a listen!

Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–Grab Bag (Collar X Malice, Hyper Light Drifter, Tacoma, Life is Strange Before the Storm Ep. 1, Empathy in Gaming)

Today, we decided to do a grab bag!! We kick it off talking about empathy and gaming culture due to PewDiePie’s recent craptacular behavior, then we move into a discussion of four games. I talk about a new otome about cops and hot anime boys, Jared and I both discuss Hyper Light Drifter since we both recently got around to playing that masterpiece, then Jared talks about Tacoma and the first episode of Life is Strange Before the Storm in a bid to convince me and everyone else to play them.

Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Hi all! This week, Jared and I decided to talk about the biggest surprise game of the year–Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. This strategy RPG had a recipe to be terrible, but it shocked us how great it it was. There is a spoiler warning when we get into story elements, if you don’t want to be spoiled on that. It’s definitely worth it to listen to how I defeated the final boss, though.

Give it a listen!

Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–Beat EVO YG

This week, Jared and I decided to talk about something a little outside the box. Most of you know about my love of K-Pop, and Jared has a love of rhythm games. Beat EVO YG is a mix of both! It’s centered around the artists of YG Entertainment (BIGBANG AND G-DRAGON Y’ALL) Since it’s free to play, we talk about how it works and if it’s constantly asking for money to succeed. We also talk about the music selection and what I felt was missing from the tracklist. Jared compares it to other mobile rhythm games, and what they do extremely well and also not so well.
Long story short, if you’ve ever been interested in K-Pop in the slightest, this is a good way to check out some songs and have fun playing as well.

Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–The X-Rated Games of the Atari 2600

This week, Jared and I decided to dive into my dissertation research a bit and talk about one of the most fascinating and bizarre things about the early video games industry–the X-rated Atari 2600 games released in 1982 and 1983. We talk about the games in detail, talk about their contribution to the video game crash of 82-83, and we talk about the trajectory of adult games after these games were long gone and mostly forgotten.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions about adult themes, sex, and scenes of rape in a video game.

Listen here!