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Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA- Persona Retrospective Part 2

So, since my date (Persona 5) ditched me for Valentine’s Day, we decided to do a Persona Retrospective!

This podcast covers Persona 4 and the spinoffs. This delves further into development, history, as well as our personal opinions on the game. Give it a listen!

Listen here!

Here is the link if you missed part 1.

2016 Games of the Year

This year, I actually didn’t play as many games as I would have expected to. I also played games that I wouldn’t recommend playing.1 However, when it comes down to it, seven games rose to the top as my favorites this year. Seven, you ask?! Why such a strange number? Why not 10? Why not 5? The answer? This is my list, and I came up with seven. 

Some spoilers below for games.
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Review: The Last Guardian

For context, The Last Guardian‘s development team, Team ICO 1, and its designer, Fumito Ueda, previously created games that are largely considered artistic masterpieces of gaming. For those of you who haven’t played ICO or Shadow of the Colossus, I’m just gonna leave this here. I played both of these when they came out, and I will wholeheartedly say that I cannot recommend them enough. What the studio was able to do with minimal dialogue, a creative art style, and relatively small casts is mind blowing.

When they first announced that they were making a new game for the PS3, I was ecstatic. Then the game was hampered by delay after delay, a console generation change, and the departure of most of Ueda’s team when he left (although he was contracted to finish directing the game.) Finally, the game was set to release in late 2016. We were given a date. Then it got delayed again…but as of December 6, 2016, The Last Guardian finally saw its release. I bought a copy, thinking that the reviews for it were decent, and as much as I loved the other two games, it was worth a shot.

The Last Guardian is a game nine years in the making, and boy, does it show. Spoilers behind the cut.

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