Center for History and New Media Projects

During my time at George Mason University, I was awarded the Digital History Fellowship to work within the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. At CHNM, I was lucky enough to be involved with many different projects that both encouraged my growth and understanding as a digital historian as well as honed my skills further.

One of the most influential elements of the fellowship that I worked with was the 20th Anniversary Conference for CHNM. I worked on both the website for the conference, as well as livetweeting while I worked during the conference.

I have also been fortunate in that the DH Fellows became producers for the Digital Campus during my time at the Center. I learned valuable skills as a producer, as well as gaining further intellectual growth through the process.

Lastly, the DH Fellows were rotated through each of CHNM’s divisions–Research, Public Projects, and Education. From this, we were able to see how each section worked, what types of projects were available, the process of grant writing, and the general knowledge of how digital history works and how to do it. We also were given an opportunity to work directly with Stephen Robertson, the director of the Center, in a seminar where we researched various digital humanities Centers, where RRCHNM fits into that history, and worked to create the 20th Anniversary Website.

All of these projects can be found in the tabs of this portfolio.

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