Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA–Beat EVO YG

This week, Jared and I decided to talk about something a little outside the box. Most of you know about my love of K-Pop, and Jared has a love of rhythm games. Beat EVO YG is a mix of both! It’s centered around the artists of YG Entertainment (BIGBANG AND G-DRAGON Y’ALL) Since it’s free to play, we talk about how it works and if it’s constantly asking for money to succeed. We also talk about the music selection and what I felt was missing from the tracklist. Jared compares it to other mobile rhythm games, and what they do extremely well and also not so well.
Long story short, if you’ve ever been interested in K-Pop in the slightest, this is a good way to check out some songs and have fun playing as well.

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