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I have been steadily working on my type assignment, which has been a fun and interesting experience for me. What I decided to do is take a small (very small) portion of my thesis and try and adapt that into a workable piece for the assignment. This, as always, has not been without struggle. I am still fighting with footnotes so that they are not placed in paragraph form rather than list. (Yes, I’ve tried ul, li multiple times. No dice.) –Note, I may have finally figured out the problem, but now I’m working on making those link up!

I had to think carefully about which fonts to use where, what was appropriate, and what would stick out or be obnoxious (which I tend to fear while writing for the web.) I wanted to have highlights, small photos, and a very readable font, so I made my text font larger but a normal font (Courier) so that the display font would pop.

It’s very interesting to think for the web, rather than for a written manuscript like I am used to. I had to think of what works, what doesn’t, and how much spacing should be between everything. I had to think of what I am and am not willing to read on the internet. Ultimately, I ended up cutting a lot of what I originally thought that I would have in there. If you’re interested in seeing it, it is here. (I hope that works this time. It tends to not want to. The url is anneladyem.org/type.html if it is not working.)

This week, I commented on Ben and Kirk’s blogs.

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  2. Martin

    I agree on the anxiety produced while choosing a font for the web. There are so many to choose from, but a great deal of them are not cross-browser compatible or cost $$$. Are you using typekit?


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